Dream 1. Dream
Design 2. Design
Construct 3. Construct
Enjoy 4. Enjoy

Step 1: DREAM


  • First step in the process
  • Expect prompt communication and appointment scheduling
  • Initial consultation is free

Creating a unique landscape begins with a clear vision. You may fill out our online project inquiry form when you’re ready to discuss your landscape design idea. Provide examples or attach a plot plan to help us visualize your desired outdoor space features. Let us know if you need us to fix an existing landscaping issue so we can address it before the actual project commences.

Your Questions, Clarified:

Can we do our project in phases?

Yes, but we prefer not to. The very most important thing to know if you have no choice but to build in phase is to have a complete master design completed prior to any work.While it might seem like a good idea to separate your project into phases, there are some disadvantages. Frequently phased projects end up being more costly and also tend to not have the same flow as a project completed in pieces. Dye lots and availability of materials can change, utility trenches may require digging through already completed work and existing landscapes can be damaged through the additional construction process.


Step 2: Design


  • Site visit in 1-2 weeks
  • Design phase takes 10-21 days
  • Review of construction plans 7-21 days after contract and deposit

Our initial design phase involves hand-drawn concepts that help us determine an appropriate budget for your project. From there, we will craft detailed construction plans and 3D renderings. We will also discuss options for materials and HOA-compliant design solutions. Design revisions, if any, will be made to your satisfaction. We will present a comprehensive budget review at the end of this phase.

Your Questions, Clarified:

Are design concepts shared in advance?

No. All our concepts are proprietary and we do not send images or allow screenshots without a design deposit or a construction contract in place. If images are needed prior to having a construction contract in place, we will collect a design deposit which can later be applied to the construction of your project.


Step 3: Construct


  • Start dates can vary depending on demand
  • Timetables vary depending on the project scope
  • Final walkthrough for asking questions and addressing other concerns

The construction phase is when we start bringing your landscaping idea to life. Straight Line Landscape’s highly skilled staff will arrive at your home ready to fulfill their tasks. Each workday is guided by specific plans and goals and capped by a site cleanup. We will ensure that every design detail is done according to plan and we finish the project within our target period. We’ll schedule your final walkthrough once the bulk of construction is complete.

Your Questions, Clarified:

Will I be allowed to make changes during construction?

Ideally we want to have all changes made a minimum of 4 weeks prior to construction. There is a lot of planning and ordering that takes place prior to the construction of your project. Making last minute changes or mid construction changes typically causes delays and can be costly.


Step 4: Enjoy


  • Once construction is complete and no pending issues after the final walkthrough
  • Quick responses to service requests
  • Our commitment goes beyond project completion

At the end of the project, we will provide you with operation manuals, warranties, and other important information about the newly installed features in your outdoor space. Our comprehensive warranty should give you peace of mind, as our commitment to excellence extends beyond project completion. Initiating service requests through our online portal is convenient, with responses typically within 48 hours.

Your Questions, Clarified:

Do you provide maintenance for completed projects?

We do not, however we will be providing you with instruction for irrigation, suggestions for timing of any required maintenance and friendly advice regarding any questions you have.


Let us transform your Phoenix home into a relaxing haven. From initial brainstorming to final project walkthrough, the Straight Line Landscape team is dedicated to creating an outdoor space that reflects your unique lifestyle.

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