Landscaping Trends in Phoenix for 2021 and 2022

December 10, 2021

Landscaping is a pivotal part of a home, but nobody wants a cookie-cutter look that matches the rest of the neighborhood. This is where trends come into play. For 2021, things are looking a bit different than in years past, and we have a clear idea of where things are going for 2022. Simple and modern, clean lines are at the forefront and for good reason.

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Minimalist Approaches

People, while spending more money on their outdoor spaces, are also looking for less maintenance and simplicity. Here are a few ideas to consider for your next landscape design that incorporate a minimalist approach while still creating a masterpiece that will have your neighbors clamoring for the name of your designer. 

Gravel Landscaping — Gardens and Walkways 

Colorful plants brighten up a desert landscape and a gravel garden is one that’s very easy to maintain, especially with drought-resistant plants. The backdrop of the gravel blends in seamlessly with the ground, putting the plants on full display. They no longer have to compete with their surroundings, which means there’s no need to build a “lush” landscape unless you absolutely want to. Rather, the few plants you do have in this area will stand on their own merits, drawing the viewer’s eye naturally.

Gravel paths are easy to maintain and can be quite elegant. While gravel is the base, laying down stepping stones adds to the simplicity and cleanliness of the design.

Lest you think of gravel as mere rocks, there is a lot you can do with a gravel landscape, including incorporating themes and even using different types of gravel, such as: 

  • Pea Gravel
  • Lava Rock
  • Crushed Granite

When it comes to maintenance, it doesn’t get any simpler. Just water your plants when they need it and you’re set to go. No need to worry about dry patches or infestations that threaten the lush nature of your front or backyard. 

Tropical Plants

While Phoenix is a desert landscape, there are tropical plants that thrive, especially due to the heat. They especially work well in creating a “nook” for homeowners to relax in during their downtime. They also add pops of color that brighten up the desert background. Think: 

  • Birds of paradise
  • Desert willow (Chilopsis linearis)
  • Hesperaloe 

If you’re looking to create a vertical landscape, which is predicted to be a hot trend in 2022 especially for smaller backyards, you’ll appreciate the subtle beauty of the Hesperaloe.

Trees and cacti are other options to inject some low-maintenance greenery both in front and backyards. 


If you’ve never heard of xeriscaping, you’re in for a real treat. This type of landscaping design is perfect for Phoenix as it’s a dry climate with less than average rainfall. While it will initially require more water to get plants situated, it’s easy care after the plants are established. 

Consider a combination of native plants and possibly even compost, which is also an upward trend, particularly with people being home more. 


Take advantage of what’s already outside your front door, and create a nature scape that feeds the soul. Use native plants, wildflowers, water gardens (water features). The idea is to invite the local birds and butterflies, for example, to your space and enjoy nature in all its glory. 

Water features are so versatile because you can build one to fit your space and your vision. Rather than installing a birdbath, for example, consider a waterfall or a fountain. Both are extremely elegant and require minimal maintenance, which means less fuss and more enjoyment. 

You can place them nearly anywhere in your yard. If you’re limited on space, consider a corner feature or make it a fixture in front of a fence to add more privacy. 

Smaller Landscapes

Many Phoenix, AZ homeowners find themselves with smaller plots as houses just don’t have the land they used to. However, a smaller landscape doesn’t mean less opportunity; in fact, it’s quite the opposite. It’s possible to turn your backyard into an oasis no matter its size. This is where minimalist designs come into play, and they’re anything but lacking. Landscape features you choose here will likely stand out and have more of an impact than if you were overhauling a sizeable plot of land.

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Outdoor Living Spaces

One popular trend of 2021 that we also expect to carry over into 2022, perhaps due to the pandemic, was creating an outdoor living space where homeowners can rest and enjoy the outdoors without going out, per se. They get all the comforts of home, but outdoors. With hardscapes becoming increasingly popular, now is the time to invest. 

There are several types of hardscapes to consider: 

  • Outdoor structures — If you’re looking for an area to beat the heat, but still enjoy your backyard, a ramada or pergola would be a beautiful option. You can have them built in different sizes to fit your space. When it comes to fascia, the newest trend is using decorative tiles for a cleaner look. 

  • Cozy elements — when temperatures drop at night, you’ll want a place to warm up and if you want to do it outside, a fire pit or outdoor fireplace is the solution to your landscape. You can choose between wood or gas options, depending on your preference. You’ll also need somewhere to sit, which brings us to the next point. 
  • Furniture — breezy pieces, think wicker and light wood furniture are all the rage for 2021 and 2022. It fits in with the minimalist approach, plus it’s easy to care for.
  • Outdoor kitchens — if you live to entertain, or simply love to cook and don’t want to be relegated to the indoors to do so, an outdoor kitchen is a versatile addition to any backyard space. It can be as elaborate as you wish or 

Typically when you add these elements, you’ll want to do an overhaul of the backyard. This is a great time to take on a complete landscaping project and make your visions come true. 


Typically, when you think of landscaping, a garden pops into mind. For 2021 and 2022, with more people working from home as part of the pandemic changes, growing herbs, fruits and vegetables is now within reach. Gardens can be demanding, but equally rewarding — imagine building a salad from vegetables you grew yourself. The best part is you don’t need a lot of land to garden in. A small plot will suit you just fine, depending on what you want to grow. 

Popular Color Trends and Patterns for 2021 and 2022

When it comes to color trends, expect to see a lot of contemporary designs and muted colors in 2021 and 2022. Grays and white lend an elegant air that’s simple yet not too understated. 

Pattern trends veer away from the popular geographical designs to more clean, straight lines and squares that complement the minimalist, contemporary styles and colors.

Treat Yourself to a Trending Landscape, Turn Your Ideas to Reality

Now that you’ve gotten an idea of what’s trending for 2021 and 2022, we’re sure you’re full of ideas to overhaul your own landscape. Whether you want to take advantage of the minimalist designs in a smaller space, or create a desert oasis with easy-to-maintain elements like gravel landscapes, gardening and naturescapes, we can help you turn your ideas into a reality. 

To get started, give us a call or fill out our online inquiry form and take that first step into paradise.

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