7 Front Yard Landscaping Ideas for Phoenix Homes

November 18, 2019

Front Yard Landscaping

While Phoenix, Arizona might technically be considered a desert, your yard doesn’t have to look like one. Your front yard is an extension of your beautiful home. It should look inviting to your guests, provide a space you can spend time, and most of all, bring you joy when your property comes into view after a long day of work or play.

Perhaps your backyard has been getting all the attention, but creative front yard landscaping ideas can make your Phoenix home a showstopper.

Quality Design and Construction Leads to Beautiful Front Yard Landscaping

Quality isn’t a word to be thrown around lightly. Sadly, many companies don’t put it at the forefront of their business. All too often, the focus turns to cheap prices and construction shortcuts. Unfortunately, this outlook tends to lead to low-quality products coupled with shoddy work, leaving you with a landscape full of problems and expensive repairs.

High-end quality means you hire a trustworthy company with the experience to get the job done right. Before you begin making changes to your landscape, it’s important to know that the company you work with takes the time to listen to your ideas and create a detailed design for your project.

A reliable construction crew will be able to bring this design to life within the promised deadline. This means you can come in every day to a clean worksite and see progress as things move forward. A crew who doesn’t take shortcuts will provide quality craftsmanship that will last for years to come.

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Seven Fabulous Front Yard Landscaping Ideas

Your front yard isn’t just the area in front of your home. It’s the space that makes the first impression on every guest, neighbor, and passerby. Most importantly, your front yard affects the way you feel about your own home.

The backyard often gets all the glory; housing your pool, outdoor kitchen, and patio. That’s no excuse to neglect the front yard. Your front yard is an extension of your beautiful desert home. Therefore, it should look equally attractive as any other part of your landscape. Try these landscaping ideas to take your Phoenix front yard from blah to beautiful.

1. Driveway Landscaping

You might be thinking that a driveway is just a driveway, but it takes up a significant amount of space in front of your home. It’s actually a kind of welcome mat for your guests, so when you lead people to your home, why not roll out the red carpet? With the right landscaping techniques, your driveway can be both beautiful and functional. Make it part of your landscaping page and you won’t be sorry for the extra attention to detail.

While grey concrete may be the norm for residential driveways, it can quickly become stained, cracked, and ugly. (Not to mention it’s incredibly hot for bare feet after an hour or two of Arizona sunshine!)

Instead, opt for natural stone pavers in lighter colors that will complement your home’s exterior and stay beautiful for years. A custom driveway designed especially for your unique landscape and personal needs can provide extra space you need for storage, additional parking, or play.

2. Lush Grassy Lawns

In Arizona, creating a lush green yard is easier said than done. An experienced Arizona landscaper can recommend grass species that thrive in the area and design and install a sprinkler system for your unique space.

If you need a space for play, artificial turf might provide a more durable sustainable choice. Artificial turf closely resembles real grass, requires no water, and is easy to maintain. Some Phoenix lawns even include a putting green. Grass should always be a part of your larger landscaping projects with StraightLine.

lush grassy lawns

3. Planters and Gardens

Your front yard doesn’t need to be just grass. Adding local plants and sustainable gardens bring beauty to your home. Envision your front yard flanked by beautiful plants and shaded by trees. A talented landscape designer can help you choose local plants and succulents that will thrive in the Phoenix sun.

When designing your overall landscaping plan, consider raised beds, large vases and pots, and crushed gravel in natural pale shades that help these plants conserve water and remain beautiful throughout the year. Careful selection makes water conservation easy, and your landscaper can design a sprinkler system to work with your unique garden space.

planters and gardens

4. Landscaping Walls

Walls can define your space, create eye catching details, and provide additional functionality to your space. Landscaping walls provide a host of useful functions to make your front yard beautiful and enjoyable, and they’re a must when you’re working with your landscaping team on creating dimensions.

Retaining walls built with natural materials will stop the effects of erosion while providing your front yard with a beautiful division and creating a flat usable surface. Smooth clean concrete or natural stone can provide an attractive seating wall or pillars to showcase your most beautiful plants.

landscaping walls

Perhaps you want to separate part of your yard, or add a private space. Half walls provide additional privacy while breaking up a continuous line of scenery

5. Water Features

Why should your pool have all the glory? Flowing water is beautiful to view, and a unique water feature can be an attraction for your property. Add an immediate sense of tranquility to your front yard with a unique water feature custom designed for your yard.

When creating your plan, consider that a beautiful fountain can be designed to flow over natural rock columns without pooling for the safety of small children and pets. Installing your fountain in a low-traffic front yard space is a great way to avoid the natural temptation for children and water play.

water features

If you’ve always envisioned a small pond next to your garden, it can become a reality. Water features can be designed for any space no matter the size and easily distinguish your home from the rest in the neighborhood.

6. Outdoor Lighting

It grows dark early during Phoenix winters, but the weather’s often still enjoyable after dark. Outdoor lighting can bring out the beauty in all of your front yard elements and naturally make your home more inviting for guests.

When you envision your new landscape project, picture your new elegant drive flanked with twinkling lights that welcome your evening guests. If you have a fountain or pond in your front yard, colored lights can illuminate the flowing water for a glorious night-time scene. Landscaping walls adorned with plants can be highlighted with various lighting techniques.

outdoor lighting

Outdoor lights not only provide beauty but also add safety to your driveway, walkway and yard. These lights are often solar powered and can be designed to turn on automatically at dusk. This can prevent falls due to uneven ground or obstacles that might not be visible after dark.

7. Patios, Pavers, and Steps

While you might have a patio in the backyard to complement your outdoor kitchen or pool, perhaps you’re interested in providing a similar space out front.

A sloping yard can become difficult to navigate or even maintain a proper walkway. Graduated steps created with pavers in natural stone colors add beauty to the space and make it easier to walk on without slipping. If a steep embankment leads to your yard, steps flanking a retaining wall can create usable yard space and visual interest.

raised patio and steps

Perhaps you only enjoy your lovely front garden while you’re watering or just coming in the door. A raised patio could compliment your garden and provide a relaxing spot to take in the beautiful view, and for this reason alone, it’s worth consulting your team for some good front yard landscaping.

Front Yard Landscaping Process: What to Expect

Finding a full-service landscaping team that really understands the challenging weather and landscaping needs of Phoenix can be difficult. However, you’re reading this article which means you’re in the right place. Our team will be able to handle your unique project with ease and professionalism. We’ll apply our experience, explain the process and make sure you know exactly what to expect. For quality results, we’ll use our transparent and thorough process.

  • You fill out an Online Project Inquiry located on the Straight Line Landscape website.
  • Your journey begins with a 5 to 10 minute phone call to get acquainted with your landscaper.
  • After discussing your project, you’ll visit online galleries for inspiration and fill out a form detailing your desired features.
  • A designer will meet with you at your home to learn the details of your landscape and what you hope to achieve.
  • You’ll send in design images for the designer to create a detailed plan.
  • You’ll review the design and your budget at an office meeting.
  • After the landscape makes adjustments, you’ll attend a final office meeting to finalize specific details and prepare the contract.
  • You’ll be provided with a detailed plan and work is scheduled.
  • Construction begins.
  • You review the completed project and warranty details before the crew leaves your home.

If you live in the north Phoenix area and are ready to give your front yard an update, the experienced team at Straight Line Landscape can help. Our team is happy to answer your questions, provide inspiration, or help you start your Online Project Inquiry.

We’ve been delighting residents in the north Phoenix area for decades, and our team would love to turn your dream front yard into a reality. You dream it. We design and construct it. You enjoy it. Complete your Online Project Inquiry to get started creating your dream today.

You dream it. We design and construct it. You enjoy it.

Here at Straight Line Landscape we are experts in custom landscape design and construction. From the creative design and selection of materials to installation and construction, you’ll recognize quality and attention to detail from start to finish.

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