7 Backyard Landscaping Ideas to Refine Your Phoenix, AZ Home

December 31, 2019

backyard landscaping

When it comes to landscaping, many people think it’s important to pay the most attention to their front lawn, because it’s the most visible. The backyard is often neglected as a result, but it doesn’t have to be this way. While the land in Phoenix, Arizona tends to be dry, there’s no shortage of backyard landscaping ideas you can implement to bring it to life, whether you like to enjoy it in solitude or host large get-togethers on the weekends.

Don’t Sacrifice on Quality to Get the Backyard You Deserve in Phoenix

When you think of quality, you think of good work that lasts. With so many businesses claiming to be high-quality, it’s important to really dig deep in your research before settling on a company to handle your landscaping needs. Read reviews and ask prior clients how they liked the work and what to look out for.

Always insist on premium products. Shoddy construction and cheap materials can turn a backyard dream into a nightmare — quickly. You want a company that’s going to put quality at the forefront, eliminating the need for costly repairs or replacements in the future.

With a reputable company that strives for excellence, you’ll rest assured knowing that you — and your backyard — are in good hands. Piece by piece, you’ll see your design coming to life and you’ll get to know the reliable crew working to make it happen. When all is said and done, you’ll have a backyard makeover that you’ll be proud to share with friends, family and everyone in between.

Backyard Landscaping Ideas to Enhance Your Phoenix Home

While your front yard is all about curb appeal, the backyard is where the fun happens, so this is where you want to spend the bulk of the attention. Whether you’re working with a small plot or large area of land, there are designs that range from simple to elegant, depending on your tastes. Take a look at these landscaping ideas for backyards and then let Straight Line take your entire yard to the next level.

1. Inground Pool

If your backyard is lacking a pool, you’re really missing out. With beautiful — albeit finicky — weather year-round, there’s ample opportunity to jump in and cool off. When the heat index rises, you’ll also be grateful for a place to swim and relax on a weekend, or even after a long day of work. Plus, it makes the perfect backdrop for your parties and get-togethers. Consider adding one to your yard with your next landscaping project.

inground pool

While above-ground pools are an option, they tend to be more of a temporary fixture and require more maintenance. Inground pools are a durable low-maintenance choice, lasting many years with little to no effort from you.

There are three basic types to choose from: vinyl, fiberglass and concrete, with the latter being the most durable option. There are other landscaping features to consider when adding a pool such as your walkway, any water features you want to add and more lighting to increase safety. Homes with small children should also have a safety gate with an audible alarm.

backyard pool and spa az

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2. Outdoor Kitchen

With the consistent warm weather, you might think an outdoor kitchen is counterproductive, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. As part of your entire landscape design, consider building it within the perimeter of your lanai, or make it the focus in the center of your patio with a brick or wooden ramada or pergola built to cover the area and provide shade.

outdoor kitchen

Outdoor kitchens can be any size to accommodate the space you have. Perhaps you entertain and want a large cooking space right off to the side of the pool and seating area. An L-shaped design keeps it wide open so you can entertain seamlessly while tending to the stove or grill.

If you love pizza, consider installing a brick oven. It’s also useful for other dishes as well and it’s very easy to maintain. It also allows you to take that heat source out of your house.

3. Fire Pit or Outdoor Fireplace

When it comes to ambiance, nothing sets the mood better than sitting in front of an outdoor fireplace or with a few good friends around a fire pit. The beauty of these features is that you can fit them in small or large spaces, and they make the perfect finishing touch to your landscaping projects. Place one poolside to warm up when you go for that late-night swim, or set it up in a recessed seating area to be the center focus of any parties or gatherings.

outdoor firepit

Fire pits come in four main types: wood-burning, gel fuel, natural gas or propane. It’s really a personal choice, depending on the level of maintenance and upkeep you desire.

Fireplaces allow for a bit more design flexibility. Unlike fire pits, which are open, the outdoor fireplaces are enclosed much like the ones you have indoors. Stone and brick are two solid construction choices, and most come with gas- or wood-burning options.

4. Gazebos, Pergolas and Ramadas

No landscape design is complete without an area where you can bask in the shade. The differences between these three structures lie in how they’re built. Gazebos have a closed roof, while a pergola has an open, lattice design that still allows sunshine through. Ramadas can feature either an open or closed roof, depending on the style you choose.

All three are typically standalone structures, though it’s not unusual to see a pergola as an extension of a home. Gazebos are typically the smallest of the three, usually built around a stunning view to provide a relaxing place to sit and just kick back.

gazebo & pergoloa

If you’re looking to enclose an outdoor kitchen, a ramada is your best bet because it provides the foundation to install electrical components. Add one or more walls to make it an outdoor retreat in your own backyard.

5. Greenery

Even though the Arizona landscape is dry, this doesn’t mean you can’t add color, you just have to be careful about what you plant. When considering adding greenery as one of your backyard landscaping ideas, get a professional opinion as to which plants would thrive in high sun, low-shade areas and choose accordingly. Many work well in arid conditions, needing little water and care beyond the initial planting.


Native plants will offer the least fuss because they’re conditioned to grow in the existing climate. Cacti are among the top plants experts recommend but don’t think you are limited to just one type. Phoenix is native to hundreds of different types of cacti, including those that tower over you, those that grow low to the ground and varying sizes in between.

Flowers are a must to add color. Weeping dalea, for example, combines shrubbery and violet flowers that pop. If you’re looking for something that offers more of an impression, consider a Baja Fairy Duster. Its bush shape means it fills up empty spaces and with flowers that range between light pink and deep red, your backyard won’t be lacking for vibrancy.

6. Water Features

Even though you live in a desert area, it doesn’t mean you can’t take advantage of the beauty that comes with water features. If you have a pool in your backyard, you can add a waterfall around the perimeter as part of your next complete landscaping project to create relaxing background noise, whether you’re swimming or hanging out poolside.

Fountains are a great way to add simple elegance, and they come in a variety of construction options and sizes. Stone or brick models fit in nicely with the existing AZ landscape, while metal options add contemporary flair to your space.

water features

7. Walkway

Don’t forget your walkway — here’s where you really have the ability to make your backyard design shine. If you spend a lot of time outdoors at night, one backyard landscaping idea to consider is walkway lighting. Solar lights are especially useful since you won’t have to rely on electricity or run wires for their use. They come in a wide variety of styles, colors and sizes to make your vision quite literally come to life.


Have your landscape team plant shrubbery and flowers along the walkway, or even include small trees to up the nature factor amid your rock or stone pathway.

Our Backyard Landscaping Process

Finding a landscape company that’s knowledgeable about the vast landscaping challenges in Phoenix, AZ is as simple as putting our team to the test. Our process is very straightforward, regardless of the size of your backyard landscaping project. Transparency and thoroughness are the two main elements that go into our services.

  1. First, we ask that you fill out our Project Inquiry form, located conveniently on our website. 
  2. Next, you’ll speak with our design team in a short phone call lasting between 5 to 10 minutes. 
  3. Online galleries help us pinpoint what you’re looking for, even if you want to modify a specific design. 
  4. Once the plan is set, one of our landscapers will visit your home to meet with you and view the current landscape, ascertaining that your desired designs are feasible.
  5. Images are sent to our team and this marks the beginning of the detailed design we’ll implement. 
  6. We’ll go over the design and discuss necessary changes, along with budget options in an office meeting
  7. A final meeting ensures the design is satisfactory. Here you’ll also receive a contract and finalize the details. 
  8. You’ll receive a detailed plan, and a mutually agreeable work schedule is set up. 
  9. Construction begins. 
  10. After the work is completed, you’ll receive warranty details and instructions on how to maintain your new landscape before our crew departs.
  11. You enjoy your amazing new backyard

If you’re looking to put a new spin on your backyard, and you live in the north Phoenix area, our team at Straight Line Landscape would love to assist you in creating a complete project. Whether you have questions or need ideas to get started, we want to design your ideal outdoor escape.

We’ve made an impact with many customers in northern Phoenix, many of whom have referred us to their friends and relatives, which is the greatest compliment we can receive. Next, we want to take your dream landscape ideas and make them a reality so you can enjoy your space alone or with lots of friends.

If you’re ready to bring your dream to life, please contact us today — reach out online via email or our online form, or pick up the phone and give us a call.

You dream it. We design and construct it. You enjoy it.

Here at Straight Line Landscape we are experts in custom landscape design and construction. From the creative design and selection of materials to installation and construction, you’ll recognize quality and attention to detail from start to finish.

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