Water features aren’t just beautiful, they work on all your senses. Fountains and waterfalls cool the area and create a relaxing ambiance.

Water Features -Add Beauty and Sophistication to your Phoenix Backyard with a Fountain, Pond, or Waterfall

The sound of running water soothes the nerves and creates a sense of wellbeing. Garden water features are the perfect way to give that Arizona desert oasis feel in your space.

When we work with you to create a water feature design, we’ll look at the full-yard concept and your family’s needs. Families with small children or pets might want a fountain that has no pooling, while another family might want to integrate a fountain into a pool or Koi pond design.


  • Simple Fountains to Elaborate Waterfalls
  • The Right Materials for the Area and Budget
  • Completely Custom Designed for Your Landscape
  • Beautiful and Low Maintenance

What Could a Pond, Waterfall, or Fountain do for Your Garden?

In the ancient art of Feng Shui, a well placed water feature can bring more wealth energy into your space. Water is a Feng Shui symbol for wealth and prosperity. Water features are beautiful focal points and surprisingly easy to maintain. There are so many styles to choose from—our design expert will help you decide which is right for your needs and space.

What was important is we got to see their work. When we hired SLL, they were here working on our house every day. They started it and they worked on it until it was finished.

Mike K Phoenix, Arizona
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