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Swimming pools and spas, once symbols of aristocracy, were believed to cleanse body and soul. Modern science confirms their many health benefits. Imagine having one in your backyard!

In Arizona, pools and spas are more than just landscape features; they extend living spaces, serving as recreational areas, social hubs, and refuges from the desert heat. Whether your space is suited for a large or compact pool, Straight Line Landscape can transform your outdoor area into a serene oasis.

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Definition and Dimensions of Swimming Pools in Phoenix

In Arizona, a swimming pool is defined as a body of water at least 18 inches deep and 8 feet wide.  A previous study showed that the average Phoenix residential swimming pool was much bigger—29.5 feet long, 15.5 feet wide, and 5.6 feet deep. Traditional swimming pools are significantly larger than swim spas and usually lack mechanisms for water jet streams, requiring swimmers to complete multiple laps to cover long distances.


Custom Pool Design for Phoenix Homes

In-ground swimming pools retain their classic appeal, adding sophistication to any landscape and increasing property value. Their larger size allows for a variety of aquatic activities beyond swimming, such as water polo and snorkeling. Customization options are extensive, including changing the pool’s shape or adding poolside lighting, which can enhance both the aesthetic and functional appeal of the pool area.

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Home Spa Design for Desert Yards

Swim spas, also known as “spools” or “endless pools,” are usually smaller than traditional pools, with dimensions ranging from 12-20 feet long, 7-8 feet wide, and 2-6 feet deep. These compact water features are regulated the same way as swimming pools and are equipped with a water propulsion system that allows continuous swimming without turning laps. Ideal for homes with limited yard space, swim spas offer excellent opportunities for fitness training and relaxation. Straight Line Landscape can design and build a swim spa that perfectly suits your style and needs.

Client Testimonials

"Straight Line Landscape went above and beyond to give us the backyard of our dreams. We collaborated with Holly and the team to design and build a pool, BBQ, pergola, putting green, and three large artificial grass areas for our kids. We placed the plants around the yard to maximize the space. We couldn’t be happier with the result! "

Rachel A
Phoenix, Arizona

"Straight Line Landscape completed our front yard, which looked fabulous, so we also requested they finish our pool and backyard. The folks at Straight Line Landscape, beginning with Holly in Design right down to the installers, outdid themselves! We are so glad we chose Straight Line Landscape! "

Joe N
Phoenix, Arizona

"We had Straight Line Landscape construct our backyard spool. It’s wonderful! "

Chris B
Phoenix, Arizona

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