There is nothing like a green grassy yard. It brings back childhood memories and summers running through the sprinklers. Both natural grass and artificial turf offer beautiful green space. Whichever you choose, we’ll create the perfect lawn for your landscape.

Residential Natural Grass Lawns in Phoenix

Sod is fresh, living grass harvested from a sod farm where different seed varieties are planted and grown. Some species do better in direct sun, while others are less resistant to sunlight and grow better in shaded areas.

Midiron (hybrid Bermuda) and Tiff 419 (hybrid tiffway) are both popular options in Phoenix. However, we can help recommend a grass species best suited to your preferences, landscape conditions and how you plan to enjoy your lawn.

Generally less expensive than artificial turf up front, there’s no substitute for the smell of fresh grass and the cooling effect you get with sod. Of course natural grass requires a sprinkler system, water and regular maintenance.

Here you can see several examples of natural grass lawns and gardens installed by Straight Line right here in northern Phoenix.

Residential Artificial Turf Lawns in Phoenix

Artificial turf is manufactured synthetic grass, made in various types and styles to look like different species of grass. With advances in manufacturing technology, today’s artificial turf can be almost indistinguishable from real grass.

It’s no surprise this option is gaining in popularity: turf always looks perfect, it doesn’t require a sprinkler system or use of chemicals, and your grass will look immaculate with no mowing, weeding, fertilizing, or watering.

Because it’s made of plastic, however, and without the cooling effects of natural grass, artificial turf does tend to get hot, and it’s generally more expensive up front.

The artificial grass installation process is quite simple but does require a bit of advance prep work where irrigation and electrical lines are involved. Once the design team has located these elements, they'll be marked, and the landscaping team will work efficiently around them.

Ground preparation is key here. It's important that the turf installation in Phoenix is done on level ground, so some digging up and leveling of the landscape may be necessary beforehand. A base is laid down, then the artificial grass is installed on top of the base. The landscaping team is careful to blend together any seams, so the turf looks completely natural. Some maintenance is necessary, but your team will go over that with you after installation.

Here you can see several examples of artificial turf lawns in Phoenix professionally installed by Straight Line Landscape.

Shave Strokes off Your Game With a Backyard Putting Green

If swinging the 9-iron is your favorite pastime, it makes sense to make a putting green part of a full landscaping project. This way you can satisfy the itch to hit the course without leaving the comfort of your own home.

Installing a putting green is simple, but it must be done right to ensure it lasts for years. There are different types of artificial grass for this project, including those made of:

  • Nylon
  • Polyethylene
  • Polypropylene

This project can be quite the undertaking, depending on the size, which is why it's a good idea to use a qualified landscaper. The land must be prepared and evened out before laying down the artificial turf. Then the design is carefully put together, with the cups laid in the base and care to shape it exactly as you envisioned with a design that complements your existing landscape.

If you have artificial grass in your backyard already, the putting green will likely be a lighter shade to help distinguish it from other turf. As an added bonus, putting greens are notoriously easy to maintain and keep clean.

Not looking for a putting green? The good thing is these types of artificial grass come in handy for other uses too, such as a greenscape on a patio or even as a full-on solution instead of natural grass or sod in your backyard.

Turf or Natural Grass?

Which is best for your landscape? We cover the differences, advantages and disadvantages in more detail, along with other considerations to help you decide in our post Should You Choose Artificial Turf or Sod in Phoenix?

Whichever you choose, hire a professional landscape company. At Straight Line, we are experts in the high-quality artificial turf & grass business with a wealth of experience working in both. We know the best products that will give you the results you’re looking for, and the installation will be flawless.

Natural grass installation is similar to artificial grass installation in Phoenix, but involves more maintenance and upkeep. Your landscapers will level out the land, ensuring a flat surface to work with. As with artificial turf, they will mark the areas where extra attention is needed, such as irrigation systems, electrical lines and the need for weed treatment.

Natural grass installation differs in that it's often not applied in large sections like artificial grass installation. Instead, it's applied in smaller blocks. Unlike artificial turf, it'll require mowing and maintenance by the property owner.


The images and pictures here are from Straight Line Landscape designs, with installation and construction by our professional, expert crews.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The cost of a putting green in Phoenix varies on several different factors. What type of artificial grass or turf is used, for example? Your design team will also take into consideration the size of the putting green and any necessary work required to create the space, think leveling out the ground, treating and removing weeds, working with irrigation and electrical lines to ensure they operate properly after installation.

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