Fire Pits and Outdoor Fireplaces in Phoenix, Arizona

Spark Your Evenings with Custom Fire Features


Striking Outdoor Space Additions

Evenings offer a delightful respite from the day’s heat in the heart of Phoenix. A custom fire pit or outdoor fireplace can transform your backyard into an enticing gathering spot. Straight Line Landscape crafts fire features that seamlessly blend style, functionality, and safety, creating timeless focal points that elevate your outdoor living experience.


Designs Tailored to Your Taste

You may prefer an intimate fire pit for cozy conversations or a grand fireplace for enlivening your entertainment area. Whatever you choose, Straight Line Landscape’s design team will work closely with you to understand your outdoor living space’s layout and your preferences. We’ll create a custom design that perfectly complements your home’s architectural character and your lifestyle.


Straight Line Landscape’s Top Priority Is Safety

Safety is Straight Line Landscape’s top priority when crafting a fire feature. Our team adheres to all local fire safety codes and regulations so your fire pit or fireplace meets the highest standards for safe operation. Our landscaping professionals will guide you on proper maintenance measures to ensure your outdoor fire feature becomes a source of warmth, joy, and lasting memories.


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