Fire stokes your imagination and creates a soothing ambiance your family and guests will love. We’ll build you anything from a sophisticated outdoor living room with an impressive rock fireplace and chimney, to a simple fire bowl for roasting marshmallows.

Enjoy the Phoenix Evenings with a Custom Fire Pit

Our fire pit designs are based on how you will be using the area. Do you want a fire as easy as the flip of a switch, or would you rather have an authentic wood burning pit?

Custom designed for hosting large parties or intimate gatherings, here are some of our most popular ideas.


  • Custom dimensions to work for your front or backyard
  • Gas and wood burning options
  • Counter top space for drinks or appetizers
  • Fire brick interior for safety
  • Cap space to kick your feet up

Ideal For:

  • Designed to complement larger or smaller areas
  • Adding functionality to landscape design
  • Sitting or standing space for large or small parties
  • Can be situated under your pergola, on your patio or deck


Providing a fun and creative entertainment option, a coffee table fire pit is usually 18” to 36” high, but can be constructed up to bar table height of 42”. Less for heat and more for ambiance, these are great for standing and socializing. With a counter top around the outside for setting drinks and appetizers they’re ideal for party style entertaining.


A basic round masonry fire pit (or fire ring) with fire brick interior is simple, providing the perfect campfire style gathering space. Whether gas or wood burning, a round fire pit visually takes up less space and is perfect for smaller gatherings.


A square masonry fire pit provides a cocktail style gathering space. Whether gas or wood burning, a square fire pit is clean and balanced, ideal for linear designs and smaller spaces.


A rectangle masonry fire pit with fire brick interior is simple, tried and true, providing another campfire style gathering space. Offering clean lines and corners with a more contemporary visual appeal, we recommend gas burning for rectangle fire pits.

Small and Muy Grande Fireplaces to Please Backyard Crowds

How do you like to entertain? Are you hosting large parties, or more intimate get-togethers? How do you want your entertaining space to flow?

These factors will affect your fire feature design. Our design experts will look at the big picture of your backyard and create a beautiful, functional fireplace you’ll enjoy for years.


  • Custom designed from the base structure
  • Standard or oversized fire box
  • Columns, seat walls and/or planters
  • Fire brick interior for safety

Ideal For:

  • Adding a focal gathering point to your landscape
  • Larger or smaller family-style seating
  • Visual anchor point for your outdoor space
  • Bringing extra level of class to your landscape
  • Can be constructed as part of your pergola


A fireplace is an excellent visual anchor point for tying your backyard space together. Often set as a focal point straight out the back door in smaller yards, our standard fireplaces offer an intimate gathering space for a couple to sit with a glass of wine or morning coffee.


Our large fireplaces are often set on the outer perimeter to one side of your space, completing an entertainment triangle such as your pool, outdoor kitchen and garden. Large fireplaces incorporate more elements such as columns, a larger hearth and/or a pressure-treated wood mantle. We can also build these integrated into your ramada or pergola roof structure.


Our muy grande fireplaces are called that for a reason! Often built into your ramada or pergola roof structure to complete or complement an entertainment space, our muy grande fireplace and chimneys will add an impressive statement to any backyard space.

Due to safety ordinance codes there are some restrictions, such as the distance your fireplace must be set away from walls or other structures.

Heat Things Up With a Custom Fire Pit or Outdoor Fireplace

Which is best for your landscape? We cover the differences, options and considerations to help you decide in Choosing a Fire Pit or Outdoor Fireplace in Phoenix.

Whether you choose an elaborate muy grande fireplace, a small masonry fire pit or fire bowls to complement your pool area, we have the expertise to build your perfect landscape.

The images and pictures here are from Straight Line Landscape designs, with installation and construction by our own professional crews.

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Professional crews, trucks and equipment; everything they did was top-notch.

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