Complete Landscape for North Phoenix

Transforming a Dry Desert into an Oasis


Stunning Transformations

See the magic unfold. Elevate your outdoor space with complete landscape transformations by Straight Line. We turn arid Arizona desert into inviting, indulgent oasis. Redefine the very essence of your outdoor space, making it a hub of beauty, leisure, and lasting memories.

Front Yard Landscaping

Front yards often have more formal designs with fewer activity spaces. Local and HOA regulations can restrict plant and water feature choices, making it essential to understand these rules. The Straight Line Landscape team expertly navigates these regulations, ensuring a compliant and stunning yard makeover.

The right remodeling strategies can make a desert front yard attain these awesome qualities. Some examples are enhancing the entryway’s prominence, adding shade structures, and strategically using landscaping lights.

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Backyard Landscaping

Backyard landscaping rules are typically less stringent than those for front yards, allowing for more customization. Being more private, backyards often feature more activity spaces and a casual design, effectively extending your living and entertainment space.

Outdoor features you may add to your backyard include outdoor kitchens and patios, privacy walls, and custom water features, fire pits, and fireplaces. If you have a desert landscaping design in mind, trust the Straight Line Landscape team to help you realize every detail!

Client Testimonials

"We had Straight Line Landscape come out and perform an estimate. They came up with a design that incorporated our wants and needs, looked great, and was very functional. They were very prompt in answering emails and phone calls in response to our questions.“A highly experienced team was sent out to perform the work, and the job took only two working days in total. Before Straight Line Landscape remodeled our property, we dreaded going out back, only doing it to let the dog out. Now, we enjoy spending time in our backyard. We are very happy with the quality of Straight Line Landscape’s work and would recommend this company to others. "

Daniel P.
Phoenix, Arizona

"My yard used to be out of control—a true jungle. We traveled a lot, so we needed a self-maintaining yard that would be like a welcome mat and make us feel glad to be back home. I requested estimates from five companies. I chose Straight Line Landscape because their sales manager, who was also the senior designer, returned calls. She was right there, making sure all phases of the project went better than expected.“Straight Line Landscape gave me a fair estimate. They worked out the design with me, so I got exactly what I wanted. They finished ahead of time and did extra things to make my yard look perfect. The job was huge. My entire yard was taken out and replaced in 2 1/2 days. They delivered on their promise.“Today, I have a yard that is picture-perfect, with lots of color and few maintenance requirements. It’s better than I expected. Straight Line Landscape’s work is incredible."

Katherine M.
Phoenix, Arizona

"We interviewed eight landscape firms at a home show. Straight Line Landscape made the list because the designer at the show, Holly, gave us some good suggestions on how to deal with our drainage issues.We decided to go with this company because Holly helped us pick materials that perfectly matched our house’s facade. Her solution for the front drainage issue was also more aesthetically pleasing than the others. Holly made us feel like our total satisfaction was the only outcome she would accept.“Our choice turned out to be a good one. The job was done efficiently and to a high standard. The team checked with us often to make sure that we were satisfied with their work. Holly returned the day after completion and walked around the property with us. I will use this firm for any more major landscaping projects that come up."

Peter A.
Phoenix, Arizona

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