Are you tired of looking at dry patches of dirt where you envision a lush lawn? Well, it’s possible to say goodbye to the dust clouds and hello to sunning in your newly-landscaped oasis — even in the arid Phoenix, Arizona climate.

Choosing the right landscaper for a complete landscape project can take your yard from dry and drab to fresh and fab — you’ll be the envy of the neighborhood!

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Complete Landscapes for Complete Satisfaction

When it comes to your landscape design in Phoenix, getting a complete overhaul is your best bet. While you might be tempted to focus solely on one area, undertaking a complete project has its rewards.

Cohesive Look

Hiring out complete landscape projects means you'll have a cohesive look, which gives your landscape better flow. Supplies and materials are ordered at the same time, meaning there's less of a possibility of a shortage or unavailability. If there's a long break between projects, you run the risk of being unable to find the same materials, whether it's a color, pattern or style.

With a full landscaping project, it's one design, one plan, one execution. Plus, you work with the same landscaping company throughout, which is a must to make your overall vision come to life.

More Cost-Effective

You might think that breaking down your landscaping into several projects would be more cost-effective in the long run. However, the opposite is true. Material prices fluctuate and landscaping companies raise their prices periodically, which can result in each project becoming more expensive down the line.

By contracting the entire project at once, though, you're not subject to these changes. This means you'll pay for it all up front, but it'll cost less than spreading the project over several months or years.

Saves Time

Knocking the entire project out in one go means you'll have a full landscape renovation within a few weeks to months, depending on the size of the yard and scope of the work. If you break it down into several projects, it will take longer and there are more chances for unexpected delays such as:

  • Weather
  • Seasonal changes
  • Materials not being available

You Get What You Really Want

When you plan an entire design, you get to see your vision come to life and there's nothing better than watching element by element taking shape. Straight Line excels at putting a complete design together and making sure it's what you want — all before the work ever begins.

Complete Landscaping Process

Undertaking a full landscaping project means being organized from the word go. Straight Line's comprehensive process means no stone goes unturned. There are 11 steps total. Each one focuses on a different element from the design process to budgeting and completing the work. As a customer, you'll have several meetings or discussions, so you're in the know at all times and have the ultimate benefit of watching the magic unfold.

Landscaping Elements

Whatever you envision for your yard, know that the sky is the limit. Ditch the ordinary and make your yard extraordinary with one or more of these elements.

Pools and Spas

Every yard deserves a water feature where you can cool off after a long day in the hot summer sun. Whether you install a pool or spa, or both, you'll be thankful for including this in your complete landscaping project.

Ramadas and Pergolas

Kick back and relax under your very own ramada or pergola. Big or small, wood or stone, you'll know exactly where you're spending the weekend off.

Lawn, Grass and Turf

Let's face it, the arid climate makes it hard to grow grass, but with Straight Line, your yard will be more lush than ever. Choose from multiple types of grass to suit your activity level or go with turf for a built-in putting green.

Fire Pits and Fireplaces

Sure, the hot climate keeps things warm during the day, but what about at night? A fireplace or fire pit not only keeps you cozy when temperatures drop, but it also creates a fantastic ambiance for entertaining or date night in.

Pool view from pergola
Backyard Oasis

Landscaping Walls

Privacy is a must, especially if your neighbors are close by. While you might appreciate them drooling over your landscape, a landscaping wall is a great way to keep nosy eyes on their own backyard.

Water Features

Are you soothed by the sound of running water? Opt for a waterfall in your backyard and it'll be your main attraction, day or night.


It's easy to ignore your driveway, but it's a big part of your landscape! Do away with the standard tar driveway and add more pizzazz with brick or stone inlays that show you really care.

Outdoor Kitchens and BBQs

Do you love to cook, but hate being relegated to indoors? Never spend time away from your guests again with an outdoor kitchen or BBQ station. Now, you can


There's something soothing about spending the day or evening outside, whether with friends and family, or solo. Kick back and let Mother Nature surround you with her beauty on your very own patio or deck.

Planters and Gardens

Finally, you need some flowers, trees and greens to tie the rest of these elements together. Whether you're going for an understated or an exotic look, you'll run into no shortage of options with planters and gardens.

The Straight line Team

The landscaping team at Straight Line Landscaping is top-notch. The staff is extremely knowledgeable with decades of combined experience in the industry. You'll be in good hands knowing that all members work together to make sure your vision comes to life. From the sales and design team who put your ideas to paper, to the foreman and landscaping team who execute these plans, you'll be amazed at the professionalism and talent.

Why Choose Straight Line Landscape

Entertaining the idea of a complete landscape project? You're in good hands! With us, you'll have the following perks:

  • Amazing team to work with
  • Comprehensive design process
  • Satisfaction guaranteed
  • Years of experience
  • Warranty and care instructions

At the end of the day, we're not satisfied until you are. When you hire us to do your landscaping you can be confident that we're taking your ideas and turning them into more than you ever dreamed they could become.

Professional crews, trucks and equipment; everything they did was top-notch.

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