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5 Decorative Features to Spice Up Your Landscape Design

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When you start planning your landscape design, you typically start with the bigger elements of your project, like your pool, outdoor kitchen, and roof structure. From there you have some choices to make: choosing your decking and pavers, whether you want artificial turf or sod, and choosing a fire pit or fireplace. Once you have… Read more »

Should You Choose Artificial Turf or Sod in Phoenix?

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A common question for new homeowners and new Arizona residents is, should you choose artificial turf or sod for your Phoenix landscape? At Straight Line Landscape we do both. Either option can be a great fit, but what’s the difference and how do you decide? Here we cover differences, advantages and disadvantages, and questions you… Read more »

What’s the Perfect Outdoor Kitchen for Your Lifestyle?

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Many of our customers opt to build an outdoor kitchen as part of their landscape project. With the beautiful evening weather we get in Phoenix, it’s a great way to enjoy your outdoor space. When you work with our design team, we’ll help you design a space that will work perfectly for what you intend… Read more »

Cook Up Some Inspiration With These Outdoor Kitchens and BBQs

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When the evening is clear and you’ve been stuck in an air-conditioned house or office all day, the last thing you want to do is stand over a hot oven inside the house to make dinner. You want to be outside, enjoying the cool evening air, grilling some juicy steaks. It would be even sweeter to be cooking those steaks on the outdoor cooking station of your dreams. The cleanup is a cinch, and there’s nothing better than a ribeye right off the grill.

Design Inspiration – The Pool of Your Dreams

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Our designers are always looking through magazines and combing the internet to stay up on current trends and get inspiration for upcoming projects. We thought you’d love to know what types of pool designs are trending right now and which pools the top designers love. Get inspiration for your pool project, or just enjoy the beautiful views.

I told them exactly how I wanted it, and it came out exactly how I wanted. If anything wasn’t right, they came and they fixed it. They could be easily reached, and I always got a return call back.

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