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5 Decorative Features to Spice Up Your Landscape Design

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When you start planning your landscape design, you typically start with the bigger elements of your project, like your pool, outdoor kitchen, and roof structure. From there you have some choices to make: choosing your decking and pavers, whether you want artificial turf or sod, and choosing a fire pit or fireplace. Once you have… Read more »

Choosing Your Decking and Pavers

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Your outdoor decking is one of the most conspicuous parts of your front yard or backyard landscape. With lots of options to choose from, how do you decide? Start with this short guide to choosing your decking and pavers in Phoenix. We’ll introduce options for materials, areas where they tend to work best, price ranges… Read more »

Choosing a Firepit or Outdoor Fireplace for Your Landscape Desgin in Phoenix

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With our climate here in Phoenix, we all like to spend time outdoors. Cooking out, hosting parties or just relaxing are a great way to enjoy our mild Arizona evenings. When designing a landscape in Phoenix, many homeowners choose to include a firepit or outdoor fireplace in their backyard. Either of these can be a… Read more »

What’s the Perfect Outdoor Kitchen for Your Lifestyle?

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Many of our customers opt to build an outdoor kitchen as part of their landscape project. With the beautiful evening weather we get in Phoenix, it’s a great way to enjoy your outdoor space. When you work with our design team, we’ll help you design a space that will work perfectly for what you intend… Read more »

Landscape Design: 3 Steps You Don’t Want to Skip

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The key to success in any endeavor is careful planning. This is especially important in your landscaping project. Things like lifestyle, flow, long-term plans, and family have to be taken into account when planning your outdoor space.

With so much to consider it can be easy to miss a step and end up with a finished product that’s less than you dreamed. We’ve outlined the most important steps in the process so that you end up with results you love.

I told them exactly how I wanted it, and it came out exactly how I wanted. If anything wasn’t right, they came and they fixed it. They could be easily reached, and I always got a return call back.

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