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Yard Before & After — Transformations from Landscape Projects in Phoenix

February 2, 2022

Whether you just bought a new home or you’ve lived there for several years, you might be taking a new approach to your front or backyard and what you envision it could be. Yard makeovers in Phoenix, Arizona are so common these days, with people spending more time at home and turning to their own homes to create a relaxing space.

If you’re stuck on where exactly to begin, leave it to us — we’ll walk you through how to transform your backyard, what to consider, show you some of our most stunning yard makeovers and talk about what’s next for you. Our ultimate goal is to show you just how beautiful your yard can truly be.

How to Transform Your Backyard

Every yard differs in terms of size, landscape and layout. In order to get started, it’s important that you have a thorough evaluation of your land done, from the size of the space and quality of the soil right down to the electrical and water lines for proper drainage that are buried just beneath the surface. They’ll check for weeds, crabgrass and other problems that you’ll want to address.

Working with professional landscapers is the best way to ensure you get the transformation you dream of, and it’s done right.


When it comes to features for your yard, there’s an endless list of possibilities. Basically, if you can dream it — and you have the space for it — you can make it happen.

  • Pools — Arizona’s climate is perfect for a pool, and you’ll be able to use it pretty much year-round, especially if you add a heating element. Here, you can let your imagination wander. Do you envision a waterfall slide in your pool, or perhaps a wall backdrop? As simple or elaborate as you can dream, it’s possible.
  • Putting Green — Are you a golf aficionado? Perhaps, you just like hitting the golf course but can’t do it as much as you’d like. Installing a putting green in your backyard is the perfect solution. With durable, long-lasting turf that comes in several colors, you can make your own practice spot come to life — just don’t forget to yell “fore!” before you swing if your neighbors are close.
  • Ramada/Pergola — These both tend to come in handy if you have a pool in your backyard space, but a water feature isn’t necessary. Instead, give yourself some shade with a custom ramada or pergola that matches your backyard theme and your house. The sky is the limit here, too. You can craft an entire living-space complete with new grass, a fireplace and furniture, or you can make it a simple cozy spot to sit and stargaze when the sun goes down. It’s your call.
  • Outdoor Kitchen — Nothing says entertainment space like an outdoor kitchen. Whether you’re the life of the party throwing events year-round or you simply like being able to relax with a glass of wine in hand by yourself at the end of a long day, there are so many benefits to having an outdoor kitchen.

These are just a few of the ideas you can implement. Others include landscaping walls, a custom patio or deck area, or even an outdoor fire pit or fireplace. Stand outside, look at your space — what does it look like to you?


What’s an outdoor space without a theme? Even if you don’t go over the top and aim for a jungle book look to your yard, chances are you have some concrete ideas about the materials, styles and colors you’d like to see.

Here are a few types to consider:

  • Modern/Contemporary – Modern yards tend to have well-defined features with outdoor seating areas that contain modern furniture with crisp, clean lines. Think square couches and tables. Foliage and flowers are usually placed in well-defined spaces — think planter boxes and neat gardenscapes with mulch to complement the foliage.
  • Classic – Classic backyard setups are a bit softer than modern and contemporary spaces, which introduce sharper elements. Rather, classic backyard themes include lots of flower beds with perennials, and bushes or shrubs, with colorful plants that brighten up the space.
  • Rustic – The furniture in a rustic backyard will contain wicker or teak, even some Adirondack chairs, something that stands out, yet blends in at the same time. Rustic backyards also typically combine tall and short plants to create a wild look that you might encounter on a trail.


One of the most important — and helpful — things you can do is seek out the expertise of a landscape designer. A skilled team knows how to introduce the elements you want while working with the land you have. In addition, they can take your visions and not only bring them to life, but if you work with the right design team in Phoenix, they can turn your entire yard into an oasis that exceeds your expectations.

Don’t go it alone, or hire a nondescript company in Arizona. Instead, look for an established landscaping team with proven results and satisfied customers who are more than happy to recommend their services. They should know the types of materials that work well in the climate from regular turf to ornamental grasses, wood, stone and native plants that thrive in Arizona’s arid climate.

Yard Before & After Transformations

Seeing is believing and that’s why we’ve captured some of our most stunning yard transformations, so you can get an idea of the magic we can work. Here are just a few of our projects that we’ve worked on over the years.


This client has a very private space with the wall and fencing surrounding it. They needed something spectacular to make the property shine. With our help, they opted for a large water feature, a pool. To compliment it, they also wanted a structure for shade and for entertaining.

As you can see in the after image, the final results are stunning. We made good use of every inch of space, including adding plants between the two levels of retaining wall. The pool is spacious and perfect for the client’s family with a walk-in entrance. A hot tub feature and the outdoor kitchen complete the look. 




The details of this client’s transformation changed during the design process. We firmly believe that getting the details right  and decisions made before the actual work begins is key to a successful outcome. That’s why we offer 2D and 3D rendering of our designs. Clients can see what the changes will look like and see their suggested changes in real time.

The beautiful final product shows how a simple water feature like the three fountains can make a big difference in the look and feel of a yard. The pergola covered outdoor kitchen makes entertaining a breeze and offers a nice architectural break from the pool area.

The entire design makes great use of the yard space, minimizes the need to water greenery in the arid Phoenix climate, and offers a gorgeous entertainment space.


As you can see, the homeowner originally thought they just wanted a pool for their yard. However, looking at the first rendering, they could tell something was missing from the overall look they were trying to achieve. The answer? A pergola-covered outdoor kitchen.

This beautiful structure provides just enough shade without losing all that precious Phoenix sunshine. It gives the clien the perfect place to entertain groups large and small. The clarity of the design process means a total yard transformation can happen all at once. This saves time, money and resources over doing a big project in stages.




An outdoor kitchen is a wonderful addition to your yardscape. It allows you to entertain friends or just as easily kick back and relax all by yourself. For this client, they wanted a space that included a cozy, stunning fireplace and an outdoor entertainment area, as well as a place to cook and serve meals.

This pergola features a full ceiling element instead of a traditional open style. This is beneficial to protect things like electronics from the element. While we don’t get a lot of rain in Phoenix, we do get some. Outdoor path lighting and beautiful tilework walkways complete the sophisticated look.


For this homeowner, it was important to have a yardscape that took advantage of their large space. The pool features a water fountain feature and the surrounding patio area has plenty of room for loungers or intimate seating areas.

Here again we see the solid roof pergola on display. It offers more shade, protects the kitchen equipment and allows the customer to entertain even if the weather isn’t cooperating. The built-in table at the front of the pergola is a great place for friends and family to get together to break bread or you can use it as a buffet table for larger gatherings.

Full Yard Project Ideas

When it comes to taking on a full yard project, there are a number of ways you can go. You can keep it simple with just plants, grass and walkways, or you can go full-on luxury makeover and create a space worthy of showcasing on TV.


Doing a backyard makeover doesn’t mean you have to get fancy if you don’t want to. In fact, many people simply add new turf or plant grass seed with a walkway and plants that they can easily maintain. For some, it’s simply a way of taking a barren desert landscape and making something more lush out of it.


Adding a water feature is a great reason to take on a full yard project. For instance, there’s so much more that goes into adding a pool than simply digging the hole and pouring concrete. You’ll want to choose stone, tile or concrete that matches your vision and then the landscaping will tie the entire look together. While a pool may be one element, your Phoenix landscaping team can make it look amazing with a full yard makeover.


If you have a larger yard, or a pool, ramada or pergola that you constantly walk to, you’ll definitely want to add a walkway. This prevents wear and tear on the turf or grass and keeps your yard looking showcase-worthy. If you’re looking for more, a patio or deck gives you an entertainment area or a relaxing space where you can set up your furniture, planter boxes and much more.


If you’re looking to create an entertainment space where there was only grass or dirt before, you’ll need to overhaul the backyard. In addition to turf, grass and/or plants, your Phoenix landscaping team will need to level the yard to ensure it can support the elements you want. Think fire pits, ramadas, pergolas, gazebos or even aesthetic features like rock walls.

The transformation that’s best for you depends on what you’re looking for. If you want more color in your yard, a simple landscaping makeover may suffice. But, if you’re looking to kick it up a notch, consider adding multiple complementing elements and have HGTV on standby.

When you’re ready for the transition of your life with your yard landscaping project, give Straight Line Landscaping a call. We’ll not only show you what we can do, we’ll make your jaw drop when the creation comes to life.

When to Give Your Backyard a Makeover

There’s no right or wrong time to give your backyard a makeover — it’s when you’re finally ready to take the plunge. However, there are specific times of the year where landscaping is easier, but with Arizona’s stable climate, it’s possible to do work year-round.

Here are some times you may want to take the plunge:

  • When you want to get inspired while looking at your gorgeous yard — let’s face it, sometimes you gain inspiration in the most familiar places. What better place than your backyard to sit back and relax, while letting the ideas run over you?
  • When you’ve settled down permanently in one place in Phoenix, Arizona, and want to create the entertainment space of your dreams
  • When you want to show off your green thumb — creating garden beds and doing yardwork is a testament for many to how much they love their home. It’s also a relaxing activity that many people turn to on the weekends or their days off.
  • When you’re ready to add a bigger feature — when you’re ready to take that plunge and add to your backyard oasis, there’s no better time to take on that backyard makeover. Consider one of many elements, including waterfalls, pools, etc.
  • When you simply want a change — sometimes you simply don’t need a reason other than you’re ready to change your landscape into something else.

Sometimes you plan out the perfect backyard makeover overnight on a whim, other times, it takes years of planning and getting your ideas just right before you take the plunge. Either way, we’ll help you along the process. Give us a call.


Author: Holly Banghart

Holly, our senior designer and sales manager since 2010, brings expertise in design, industry certifications, and Master Gardener qualification. She crafts functional outdoor spaces tailored to clients' needs with manageable maintenance. Holly excels in conquering design challenges, turning yards into captivating landscapes. If you seek to enhance your outdoor space, Holly stands ready to transform your vision into reality.

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