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6 Outdoor Fireplace Type & Shapes Ideas for Phoenix, AZ

May 14, 2020

Temperatures soar during the day but drop at night in the lovely Phoenix, Arizona landscape. That’s not enough to keep you inside, though, so how do you keep warm? The answer: a fireplace. They’re not just for indoors, many people have installed them in their yards, too. Plus, with so many design options, you’re not settling for cookie-cutter ideas for outdoor fireplaces that everyone in the neighborhood has. Cozy, elegant and beautiful, this feature contributes to the overall look and feel of the oasis that is your backyard.

4 Outdoor Fireplace Types to Warm Your Ambiance in Phoenix, AZ

You’ve been browsing through Pinterest looking at pictures of outdoor fireplaces, flipping through luxury magazines, envisioning how your backyard will look with your design. Not just any landscaping company will do, to install your fire feature. Quality contractors ensure the outdoor fireplace design plan is what you want, without cutting corners. Cheap materials mean you’ll be paying for repairs in no time. Construction shortcuts compromise safety, especially when dealing with fire.

Look for companies that deliver on quality. A trustworthy company, after all, is one that has the experience you can trust to do the job well. Get to know your landscaping team, make sure they listen to your ideas and offer guidance on how to make your outdoor fireplace design plans even better.

Whether you’re decking it out for entertaining or simply want a means to cuddle up outside on those chilly nights, here are some backyard fireplace ideas to get you started.

1. Fire Pits

Imagine the aroma of roasted marshmallows wafting through the air. Fire pits have been a staple for many years, and for good reason.

Not only do they add ambiance, but they also add a sense of being home.

In your desert landscape, a fire pit looks like it belongs, making it one of the most popular outdoor gas fireplace ideas people consider.

It’s cozy, adding warmth on a chilly evening. Sit around with your family for some delicious s’mores or with a group of friends as you catch up.

The beauty of a fire pit is you can make it look however you want. Circular or square, made with bricks, stone or even a granite exterior for a luxury take. Fire pits can be wood-burning or you can opt for a gas or electric-powered unit.

2. Traditional Style

Traditional-style fireplaces look just like the ones you have in your living room or bedroom. They have a chimney stack, a woodburning area and an all-encompassing design.

The only difference is they’re outdoors. The beauty of these brick outdoor fireplace ideas is that they come in several sizes and you can have one installed as a standalone unit or installed as part of your ramada.

In a ramada, you can dedicate an entire wall to your fireplace unit, whether you want it made of brick, concrete, stone or tile. With so many fireplace landscaping options you can create a rustic or desert chic look that wows.

3. Fire Bowls

If you’re looking for a truly unique desert landscaping idea in Arizona, fire bowls are the way to go. They’re just as they sound — a large bowl where you can build your fire.

These units are mostly built in the open, but you can put them anywhere there’s enough space. You can even include them as one of your covered outdoor fireplace ideas, put a larger one on a patio or a smaller one in a gazebo.

Add seating around it, and use the fire bowl as the centerpiece for your evening gatherings. They add a bit of heat when your temperature drops, making outdoor entertainment cozy at night.

Fire bowls are great backyard fireplace ideas because they come in so many different styles, from contemporary modern to rustic and traditional. Some are movable so you can adapt your landscape at will. Larger units, however, will remain stationary. Keep this in mind when you’re considering designs.

4. Fire Table

Imagine, instead of investing in an outdoor coffee table, you instead opt for a fire table? These fun backyard fireplace ideas make an elegant addition to your seating area, and you can always use end tables if you need the storage space.

Fire tables come in different shapes and sizes. There are end tables and even bar tables that have a fire element in them. Think about the wow factor it’ll deliver to you as well as your guests.

Fire tables are usually electric or gas-powered; they rarely come in wood-burning versions. They’re easy to maintain, which makes them a fun addition to your outdoor living space, and they’re versatile in terms of placements. Place them under a pergola, in your ramada or even next to your pool — the opportunities are limitless. You can ask your landscaper to incorporate this fire feature as a part of your outdoor patio design.

Fireplace Shapes to Consider

Depending on the design esthetic you’re looking to achieve, you’ll likely consider a few different shapes.

1. Square and Rectangular Fireplaces

Square shapes tend to add an edge to your overall landscape.

They’re prominent, unmissable features designed to catch your eye.

2. Circular and Round

For a softer, more elegant look, round fireplaces are the way to go. These shapes are often found in fire pits, bowls and tables, as opposed to built-in units.

If you’re stuck, a 3D rendering of your backyard ideas with a fireplace can help you outline your landscape and see which fits better. A qualified landscape designer on our team can walk you through the various options and help you with the decision-making process.

What to Expect with Our Outdoor Fireplace Process

When you upgrade your outdoor space, you want someone who truly understands the vision you’re trying to bring to life.

Our team is the epitome of professional, we care about not only satisfying but exceeding your design needs. With us, there’s no guessing. You’ll be kept informed every step of the way, and we’ll outline our process for you.

  1. The first step is to fill out the Online Project Inquiry form conveniently located on our website.
  2. Your landscaper will give you a quick call, lasting between 5 and 10 minutes, so you can get acquainted.
  3. We invite you to view our galleries so you can get a feel for what catches your fancy and list your desired features on a form.
  4. Our landscaper will visit your home to evaluate your landscape and speak with you more in-depth.
  5. We’ll ask you to send in your images to your designer. This helps us formulate a detailed plan.
  6. An office meeting is next up, where we’ll discuss your budget and review the design.
  7. The landscaper will make any necessary adjustments, then you’ll visit the office for your final meeting before the work begins. You’ll sign the contract at this point.
  8. You’ll receive the final, detailed plan and the landscaping work is scheduled.
  9. Construction begins.
  10. Upon finishing and before the crew leaves your home, you’ll learn how to care for your fireplace, and they’ll go over the warranty with you.

If you live in the northern Phoenix, AZ area, and you’re looking to update your patio or backyard, our experienced team at Straight Line Landscape is eager to help. We’ll gladly answer your questions, guide you with inspirational ideas, and help you start the process once you’ve decided on a design.

Our company has been satisfying clients in Phoenix, Arizona for many years, and now we want to work with you. You tell us your ideas, we’ll make them happen. Before long, you’ll be snuggled up in front of the fire with a glass of wine or your favorite people. Give us a call or fill out our online project inquiry form today.

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