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How to Hire the Right Landscaping Company for Your Project

July 4, 2021

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Steps to Finding the Right Landscape Company—So Much More Than Just a Number

Many people focus on price when looking for landscaping professionals. But while it can be a benchmark, price does not define quality in any way. Remember that landscaping projects impact property value significantly. You’d want to find a landscaping team with a reputation for excellence. Here are the steps.

Research Landscape Services

The first step in the process is to make a list of local landscaping contractors or companies in your area. The Arizona Registrar of Contractors (AZ ROC)—the licensing and regulatory board for Arizona contractors—is your most reliable and unbiased source for this information.

However, you may end up with a long list after searching the AZ ROC database. The following approaches can help you narrow it down:

  • Ask trusted friends for a referral if they’ve recently had an impressive landscape remodel. This is the closest thing to a service sampling you can get.
  • Search home remodeling review-and-referral sites for client recommendations. However, keep in mind that for-profit groups own these sites. Additionally, it’s hard to know if the 5-star reviews posted on them are from actual past clients.
  • Examine each landscaping company’s websites, especially the photo galleries of their work. They will give you an idea of the team’s work quality, style, and materials they use.
  • Look at the landscape company’s history. Has their license expired or ever been revoked? Have complaints been filed against them? These are red flags that can tell you that a company may be unreliable and unprofessional. At Straight Line Landscape, we are proud to say that in our long years of service, we’ve had many clients giving us rave reviews. We’ve never had a single complaint filed against us with the AZ ROC. 

Shortening your list to about 3-5 should let you assess your options in-depth.

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Weigh Your Options

We recommend doing the following after narrowing down your list:

  • Inquire about the landscaping company’s process. Clear communication and your involvement in every step are signs that they do things transparently. This benefits you in the end because you know what result to expect when the project is finished.
  • Find out who gets your vision perfectly. You’ll know this outright from talking to the landscape designer.
  • Get quotes. Quality trumps price in landscaping, but it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try to get more value for your money. Compare the materials, features and value-added services the landscape companies are willing to provide for your budget.
  • Ask if they offer complete landscaping services or if they need to subcontract some parts of the project. Having everything done by the same group of professionals ensures consistency of design and quality. 

You can add to this list other personal preferences you have, such as schedule flexibility, financing terms and specific expertise. Taking detailed notes is a good idea when meeting your prospects. Going through these steps meticulously should help make it easier to decide which professional landscaper to work with. 

Make a Decision 

Deciding who to hire is a cakewalk for some people. But others may take more time to study their options, which is understandable given the weight of the decision. A detailed pros-and-cons list should guide you through the process. But while you’re at it, savor the experience as you are finally turning your dream landscape into reality.

There’s no cut-and-dried method of finding a landscape professional. However, researching systematically and thoroughly gives you the best chance of getting a team that truly satisfies your landscaping needs.

Patio Living Room with Adjoining Kitchen by Straight Line Landscape

How Do You Know If You Chose the Right Landscaping Team?

Picking a landscaping company does not mean you can be complacent afterward. You should assess daily if the team is indeed a good fit for your needs, especially in the early stages of your partnership or if you haven’t signed a contract yet. The sooner you know that they’re not, the sooner you can change your mind. 

The following are signs that you made the right decision:

  • The landscaping team constantly communicates with you. If the company is big, expect someone to be assigned specifically to talk to you about your project’s progress.
  • The team does everything in an organized fashion. For example, material deliveries are never or, if at all, rarely delayed. You are provided with detailed landscape design plans and equipment manuals. 
  • Their expertise shows, from material selection to design and execution.
  • Everyone conducts themselves professionally. They’re punctual, cordial, transparent and results-oriented.

In some of our previous projects, clients came to us because they were unhappy with a landscaping job done on their property by another team. So, the sooner you notice any red flags, the better. That way, you spare yourself from landscaping issues that may be costly to fix later. 

How Do You Communicate Your Ideas With Your Landscape Contractor?

Miscommunication is often a big reason for incurring unnecessary landscaping expenses. Hence, the importance of clear and constant talks with your landscaper. The tips below can help you avoid misunderstandings during project execution.

  • Give as much detail as possible when describing your needs and wants for your property. Additionally, tell your landscape designer what you know will work best for loved ones and pets sharing your home.
  • State your expectations clearly. Are you satisfied with the timeline given to you? Will you allow slight budget increases if that means ensuring that all the materials used are high-quality? And so on.
Render of a Patio Landscape Created by Straight Landscape Designer Holly Banghart
  • Use visuals if necessary. If you know how to use a design app, you can create a preliminary design your landscape architect can build on. If you don’t, show your designer clear pictures of outdoor space designs you want to model yours after.
  • Defer to expertise. For example, local regulations may limit the kind of plants and water features you can have in your yard. Alternatively, a shortage of construction materials may necessitate substitutions. If you choose a highly experienced landscaping team, trust that they’ll know what to do in these situations. 

Good communication can prevent many landscaping problems. Use these tips to ensure your landscaping team understands your ideas clearly. They’ll help you create the outdoor living space of your dreams while minimizing stress.

Is Hiring a Specialty Company for Some Parts of Your Landscape Better?

It can be tempting to go with a company that specializes in certain parts of the landscape, such as outdoor kitchens, lawn installation, irrigation systems and inground pools. These features will occupy limited areas in your yard. Once they’re installed, you’ll need to landscape their surroundings.

However, the problem with working with different companies for the same landscaping project is that you may not get the result you’re trying to achieve. Odd bends and corners may appear that may require fixing later and add to your costs. Worse, dissonance in design and construction may produce an ugly landscape, reducing your property value and leaving you unhappy.

Straight Line Landscape offers a complete range of landscaping services. You don’t have to worry about design contradictions, cluttered communication and other problems that arise from having different teams working on the same property. Everything about the project is streamlined and cohesive.

Patio Kitchen by Straight Line Landscape

What Makes Straight Line Landscape Stand Out?

When you work with Straight Line Landscape, you benefit from our long experience in the landscaping business. We live up to a reputation of excellence, so we get a lot of referrals from satisfied clients. We take care of everything from the planning stage down to completion and turnover. We ensure homeowners get no less than high-quality landscaping services.

Finding the Right Landscaping Service Team: Final Thoughts

One of the initial critical steps to creating a fantastic residential landscape is finding a reliable landscaping crew. You may start by searching the AZ ROC database and then creating a shortlist. Proceed systematically from there and make a detailed pros-and-cons list to help you finalize your decision. When you’ve picked your team, make sure you communicate your ideas clearly to prevent issues and unnecessary expenses.

The right landscaping company is your partner in creating a livable and beautiful landscape on your property. They involve you in every step and make you feel heard. Their expertise and professionalism show in every aspect of their business.


Author: Holly Banghart

Holly, our senior designer and sales manager since 2010, brings expertise in design, industry certifications, and Master Gardener qualification. She crafts functional outdoor spaces tailored to clients' needs with manageable maintenance. Holly excels in conquering design challenges, turning yards into captivating landscapes. If you seek to enhance your outdoor space, Holly stands ready to transform your vision into reality.

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