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Your backyard landscape isn’t just a static artwork you look at but a dynamic, functional space where you celebrate life with your loved ones. Building trust in your landscaping architect is essential in maintaining an enjoyable outdoor living area.

We understand many of you want to get to know the virtuoso behind Straight Line Landscape’s creations. Why? Because we’re huge fans, too. Her name is Holly Banghart. Holly earned her bachelor’s degree in interior architecture from Northern Arizona University. Her other professional credentials include certifications as a master gardener and desert landscaper.

Holly was recruited into the Straight Line Landscape team in 2010 for her impressive work at a home and garden show. The rest is history.

If you want to know more, here’s our interview with Straight Line Landscape’s senior designer and the website’s landscape design adviser and author, Ms. Holly Banghart.


Q: Good day, Holly!

Holly: Good day!

Q: Tell us what you do for Straight Line Landscape.

Holly: I am the company’s senior designer and sales manager. I create the initial design concept, translate that into renderings, and ensure the entire project is executed according to plan.

During our client home visits, you’ll see me taking an active part in evaluating a landscape’s imperfections and potential. I sit down with the homeowners to get a feel of their family dynamics and plans for their property and develop design ideas from there.

Q: When did you join Straight Line Landscape?

Holly: 2010.

Q: For the benefit of Straight Line Landscape’s clients, what professional qualifications do you hold?

Holly: I have a bachelor’s degree in interior architecture and certifications as a desert landscaper and master gardener.

Q: Very impressive! How did your qualifications prepare you for your current work?

Holly: I’d say a lot. My degree in interior architecture gives me a strong foundation in design principles, spatial planning, and aesthetic elements. My training in this field gives me a unique perspective of outdoor spaces, particularly how they complement and interact with interior environments.

As a desert landscaper, I have specialized knowledge and expertise in designing outdoor spaces in desert climates. The arid environment presents unique challenges, such as water scarcity and limited plant variety. My training in this field allows me to create sustainable desert landscape designs.

Meanwhile, being a master gardener means I have advanced horticulture, plant science, and garden management skills. I am proficient in plant selection, cultivation techniques, pest management, and soil health maintenance—all essential landscape design components.

Q: Great! A desert landscaping expert, indeed!

Holly: Thank you.

Q: How has your journey with the company been so far?

Holly: It’s been great. For the most part, I am self-taught through trying new things, making mistakes, and asking questions. I have only worked for three companies in the 20 years I have been in this industry… 14 with Straight Line landscape.

I’ve been through the most trying times with the team, which were quite frequent at the beginning. Then things got better. Now, we’re serving a huge part of the Greater Phoenix area. Our reputation spread by word of mouth. We have new clients who were referred by old, highly satisfied ones. Some of our projects are on new homes, while others are remodels. It’s great, and it keeps getting better.

Q: What inspires you the most about your job?

Holly: I’m inspired by the homeowners I meet. What motivates me to do even more is seeing their faces light up when I present a design inspired by our initial discussions about their vision for their property.

Q: Spectacular! How do you approach the design process?

Holly: I follow a specific process when designing, starting first with orientation to the sun and lot drainage. Function is always a priority for me. A visually beautiful space that isn’t utilized because it doesn’t flow, allow for the appropriate furniture, or fill a need feels wasteful.

Q: True. How do you spend your time outside of the landscaping business?

Holly: More landscaping! What I mean is I spend a lot of time outdoors. I bike for fitness and fun. I enjoy nature trips, which is where I get some of my inspiration for my job. I also work on my body strength and flexibility to stay fit, especially since our job requires a lot of walking in wide yard spaces and squeezing into snug ones. I also spend time with family and friends, mostly to unwind.

Q: Cool! What can clients expect when they share design ideas with you?

Holly: I encourage homeowners to spend more time outdoors and maximize the investment they have made in purchasing their property. They can start by enhancing their yard’s functionality. The outdoor space should feel like the extension of their indoor living area. Another huge thing for me is customization. I motivate them to imprint their personalities and lifestyles on the landscape design as much as possible.

Also, I know so many people work incredibly hard all day, and I hope to design yards that don’t feel like more work when they get home. If they want to warm their hands and feet in front of their outdoor fireplaces in a snap, our designs let them do that. If they want to enjoy a home-cooked barbecue without waiting long, we have solutions for that, too.

Q: How can clients reach you if they need to consult you about a landscaping design?

Holly: They can contact us at the Straight Line Landscape office. Our number is 623-582-1300. We’re available for inquiries between 7 AM and 5 PM from Monday to Friday.

Q: Thank you so much, Holly!

Holly: Thank you.



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